Vanuatu Rural Electrification Project

Vanuatu Rural Electrification Project – Stage 1

The Vanuatu Rural Electrification Project (VREP) recognises that access to affordable, safe and reliable electricity in Vanuatu is a major development need for the country and with over 20,000 households, 200 aid posts and 2,000 not-for-profit community halls located in areas where access to grid electricity is uneconomic.  VREP I is aimed at increasing access to basic lighting and phone charging capabilities using subsidised Plug and Play solar systems. Products approved are currently subsidised at 50% of their retail price.  This project is managed by the Vanuatu Government’s Department of Energy.

PCS is proud to be a part of this Project and partners with Greenlight Planet and Fosera to provide high quality solar lighting solutions throughout Vanuatu.

Fosera LsHS10500

Am I Eligible for the VREP Subsidy:

The 50% Subsidised price is in place until the end of 2018, when it will be reviewed.

To be Eligible for the 50% Subsidy – The answer to the following questions must be YES!

  • Are you a Vanuatu Citizen?
  • Will the system be used in Vanuatu?

What do I need to do to Claim the subsidy?

  • PCS Supplies your new solar lighting system at the subsidy price
  • Fill in the subsidy form from our agent or in store, including:
    • Your Name, Island, Contact Numbers and a few other details.
  • PCS will submit for the subsidy to the DOE – who will contact you to confirm your purchase,
    • The may also visit you to make sure the system is working as expected

Benefits of the VREP Project

  • PCS Systems come with a 2 year Warranty
  • PCS Systems come with a 1000Vt off Battery Voucher (conditions apply)
  • DOE mandates only high quality systems
  • All Systems are Lighting Global Certified
  • Subsidy means Approved Customers pay only 50% of the Normal Retail Price