Solar Installations

Solar Installations

We will help Design / Supply / Install your Entire Solar System

PCS have completed numerous Solar Installations, ranging between 100W to 1kW to 10kW.  These High Quality solutions have been supplied by PCS and customised to our client’s power requirements.

We offer a range of high quality products suited to Vanuatu’s harsh environment, from the best suppliers on the market for all parts of our solar solutions including:

  • Solar Panels – Trina, JA Solar, TPL Energy
  • Solar Controllers / Inverters – SMA, Outback and Victron
  • Inverter / Chargers – Outback
  • Battery Inverters – Victron, SMA

Regardless of whether you are located in Port Vila or in the islands – PCS can provide a system for you.  Whilst many of our smaller single panel systems are able to be pre-wired and may be installed by you.  Our Electricians love to travel and will assist in installing these Larger Systems.

Our Electricians can also complete your domestic electrical cabling during solar solution installation works, and PCS has a great lighting, switching and GPO product range for you to choose from.

Our Competent Sales Staff will help you review your current (and future) power requirements.  Our Engineers will Design an Excellent solution to meet your power needs, with our sales team preparing a quotation for the design and guiding you through all of the details included for your complete solution.  Our Technical Team will Install your new power system at your selected location, provide instruction on the usage and maintenance requirements, together with monitoring.  YOU will enjoy your Electricity – from the cheapest power provider in Vanuatu – THE SUN!

For Our installations over 100kW – please follow our link – Commercial Solar Solutions.

Check out our of range of solar solutions that are ready to be collected and installed in immediately.

What Kind of System Do I Need?Look around your home, and consider your immediate and future power requirements.
How Much Power Do I Use at Any One Time?Make a Note of these, including Lights (Qty), Appliance (Types), Fans (Qty), Air Conditioners (Qty).
How Much Power Will I use in a Normal Day?Consider the hours of usage per day for each of the items that consume power needs.
So Now What?Pass your power consumption details to our Sales Team, and we will provide the best solution for you.

Ready for your NEW Solar System

Now that you have completed your Power Analysis.