Sun King Pro300

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Long-lasting portable light and device charger

Greenlight Planet’s Sun King™ Pro 300 is a true heavyweight among phone-charging solar lanterns. The Sun King™ Pro 300 features high density NMC batteries with charging capacity sufficient for today’s battery-hungry devices, such as smartphones. The batteries also power its brilliant light, rated at 300 lumens – 30X brighter than a typical kerosene lamp. At its lowest levels of brightness, the Sun King™ Pro 300 provides 100 hours of light. This is the ideal lantern for the lighting and charging needs of your home or business.

Project details

  • Solar Panel (W): 3.7 W
  • Battery Capacity: 4400mAH
  • Low Power Mode: 25 Lumens 100 Hours
  • Normal Mode: 150 Lumens 16 Hours
  • Turbo Mode: 300 Lumens 6.5 Hours
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