SMA SB5.0 AV-40 Inverter

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The SMA SB5.0 AV-40 Solar Inverter comes with the latest technology in the SMA 3 to 5kW range.  SMA is widely recognised for it’s high quality within the Residential Market for Solar and Battery Inverters.

This PV String Inverter comes with a 5 year factory warranty, and if connected to the internet the SMA Smart Connect Service will provide free automatic monitoring and analysis of the inverter.

As with all SMA Inverters in this range the SB5.0 AV-40 – 5 kW Inverter comes with internal surge protection and comes with IP65 protection.  This inverter features

  • High efficiency.
  • Low Self-Consumption (at night).
  • Large Input Voltage Range.
  • Proven reliability.

Project details

  • Maximum DC Power: 5250W
  • MPP Voltage Range: 175V to 500V
  • Rated Output Power: 5000W - 230V 50Hz
  • Max Output Current: 22A
  • MPP Inputs: 2
  • Efficiency: 97%
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