BlueSolar MPPT 75/15

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The Victron Energy BlueSolar Charge Controller MPPT 75/15 is an ultra-fast Maximum Power Point Tracking Charge Controller.  This Controller adapts quickly with a change in light intensity (i.e. cloudy weather), and will improve energy harvest by up to 30% when compared to PWM Charge Controllers.

With a maximum efficiency of 98%, Victron Solar Charge controllers are leaders in the market.

The Victron Energy BlueSolar range – uniquely offer real time data display options on Apple and Android smartphones and devices through the Bluetooth Low energy dongle.  This allows for an excellent understand of the current status of your solar system, together with providing a history, to enable you to understand your past consumption – and of course to forecast for the future.

Project details

  • Controller Name: Victron BlueSolar Charge Controller MPPT 75/15
  • Controller Type: MPPT
  • Battery Voltage: 12 / 24V Auto Select
  • Maximum Output Current: 15 A
  • Maximum PV Power - 12V: 12V - 200W
  • Maximum PV Power - 24V: 24V - 400W
  • Maximum PV Open Circuit voltage: 75 V
  • Maximum Efficiency: 98%
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