Charge Controllers

We stock a range of Charge Controllers from a number of suppliers, including Outback, Victron, Morningstar and Sundaya.

Our low cost Sundaya Solar controller is suitable for 10A @ 12V and is great for the smaller DC (or AC) Solar lighting kits.

Our NEW MPPT Blue Solar Charge Controllers from Victron Energy are a great addition to our solar charge controller range, and using the Bluetooth dongle allow for real time data displays on Apple or Android smartphones and devices.  This aids our customers to accurately understand their power production as well as their power consumption!

The ever consistent Outback FM60 and FM80 also an invaluable part of the PCS Solar Controller Range.


Energy Efficient Lighting

We offer a wide range of Energy Efficient LED Lighting, including:

  • LED Lamps – 6W – MR16 and GU10 in Cool White and Warm White
  • LED Light Bulbs – 9W Bayonet Cap and Edison Screw in Cool White and Warm White
  • LED DC Floodlights – 9 to 30VDC – 10Watts
  • LED AC Floodlights with PIR Sensor – 30W Floodlights
  • LED Floodlights – 30W and 50W
  • LED Industrial Floodlights – 70W
  • LED Security and Yard Lighting – 140W


We stock a range of Inverters from a number of suppliers, including Battery Inverters, Solar, Hybrid and Inverter Chargers.

Our Inverterss come in a range of sizes and  brands:

  • 300W – 1000W – Morningstar and Victron – Battery Inverters.
  • 3000W – 5000W – Solar Inverters
  • 5000W – 10000W – Solar Inverters (Three Phase)
  • 1400W – 3000W – Inverter / Chargers
  • 3000W – 5000W – Hybrid Inverters


Solar Lighting Kits

We offer a range of Solar Lighting Kits.  All of our Solar Lighting Kits are eligible for the VREP subsidy and are Lighting Global Certified.

  • Sun King Home
  • Fosera LSHS 9800
  • Barefoot Connect 600
  • Barefoot Lithium 1000
  • Barefoot Connect 2000
  • Barefoot Connect 3000

 Solar Panels

We stock a selective range of Solar Panels from a number of suppliers, who are trusted industry suppliers world wide and are Australian CEC Accredited Suppliers.

Our Solar Panels come in a range of sizes:

  • 50W SolarWorld
  • 100W Schutten
  • 150W TPL Energy
  • 260W Trina Solar
  • 270W Trina Solar