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Parliament House, Port Vila, Vanuatu

PCS – Power and Communications Solutions

Port Vila, Vanuatu

PCS is a leader in Sustainable Energy solutions primarily in solar / battery and solar hybrid systems.  With local experience in both ongrid and offgrid solutions for residential / Commercial and Telecommunications sites, our design engineers are well postured to customise a power solution to meet our customers needs.

PCS has a range of high quality, high performance solar panels, inverters and batteries for your power system needs, and completes a standard electrical installation with our range of LED Lighting, breakers, conduits, electrical cabling and GPOs.

PCS also provides support to the Vanuatu private and Government telecommunications sector, including greenfield tower builds, microwave and GSM installations, solar hybrid and power upgrades.  Our expertise in the offgrid telecommunications arena allows PCS to provide unparalleled support to our remote installations.

Vanuatu is an archipelago consisting of 82 islands with 65 inhabited, the remoteness of the islands and limited access to centralised utilities.  PCS also stock self supporting products suitable for the Vanuatu environment including solar showers, hand spears, personal solar lighting and Lifestraw water filters.

Your New Solar Solution

PCS will design your new solar solution, customised to your needs.

Are you looking for on grid or off grid solar?  Do you have a Disaster Risk Plan?

What appliances do you need to power?  Lights? Fans?

How much battery backup do you need?  Do you have a generator?

We can install and support your system anywhere in Vanuatu.